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An employee gets horsewhip-trained.

Mayline, 29 years old, and has a fantasy come to us for us to help achieve it. Used in a residential house, the owners are unhappy punish beautiful way. They ask him to go down into the basement where the band expects a strong lads. After listening to the reprimands of his bosses, it accepts the punishment. Completely naked, she gets hit with a whip.

Of course, all this would not have been possible without James, the butler, who Mayline trapped by encouraging them to speak ill of his bosses when he has obviously rehearsed and all the reward they will be seen as later. Mistress, whose short skirt reveals some fine legs, is the most severe. It has a good whip with a piece of rope braided nylon, as saying that when this small extension hits the sweet breasts Mayline, she feels it happen.

The boss spanks his employee, just to teach him to live. She brought all other employees who attend the Mayline punishment to humiliate a little more. Buttocks redden and inflame the eyes.

The master of the house on a seat attached Mayline of torture in the medieval manner, but with steel handcuffs everything more modern and robust. He treats slamming body parts that are thighs, buttocks, breasts, etc..

And it is the rush begins. One by one the cats are released. Employees and the master, everyone is going to fuck poor Mayline who will suck everyone with perfect sweetness and application under penalty of good slaps. To take it doggy style, she is out of the yoke and thoroughly well fucked by James. This preparation made, it can be removed by double penetration until her screams fill the room ... for our pleasure and hers.

The slaps do not stop whistle on her ass welcoming. Everyone is so excited that he must empty his balls. And what better place than the mouth of the liquid to pour Mayline white and tasty that ask him to swallow and lick in? It must suck to end gender inflated coming in to unload it, and swallow the seed until the last tear.

When everything is finished and she is showered and rested, she was invited to give us his opinion on the session: What we satisfy the pride (note: Mayline has returned several times since for private sessions with the teacher the master, and Majdie Papou, it's a girl we really appreciate).
Video n°318295 - Length: 75 min. - Size: 826 Mo - File type: mp4

Crazy gangbang for hairy brunette!

Jeremy brings his girlfriend hoping to loosen it succeed. Mission entirely successful.

What happened before: Jeremy works not far from our studios, as a framework in a telephone company in a large business center. He dredged Ivannah three months ago and has maintained an ongoing relationship with her. It is passed directly to us in us and explain its purpose: to convince his girlfriend, who dreams of making films, casting a "normal" to put in erotic situations. We, of course, we accept. And appointment is made for the day ...

What happened during: Our director chats with Jeremy and his girlfriend. To make her feel at ease. She seems a little defensive because this is the first time she passes an audition. It should also explain a good actress must be comfortable in situations where bare and she must run to show us firm breasts and well curved, all-natural.

We advance in the matter and it should now show it knows how with feelings, love for example. This is where we brought our friend Cyril who reassured by his warm voice and his physical well-rider. It touches, caresses, but lets make it a point to rebel a bit because it seemed to him a bit racy for a classic film. The camera impresses a bit. Fortunately, Jeremy is there and it helps us to cross the course of modesty, insisting that his girlfriend key sex Cyril.

It is still moving and she was invited to take this cock in her mouth. Once it does, we know that the worst is over. We brought another man, then another, in the end it will jump five guys since Jeremy, well looked after, joined the group.

We put a challenge: the triple. Three dicks in the damsel. But at a price: it is concentrated to lick loose and defecating on our sheet! Twice! Well, it happens and we saw others, it just makes it a little break to go to the bathroom. But that does not prevent us to resume double chain!

The orgy ends with lots of cum in her mouth and beautiful facial cumshots.

What happened after: The next day, Jeremy sucked his friend under his desk. It says it has more reserve and even she realizes she loves this freedom to fuck other than her boyfriend. Jeremy before she was with a guy who was very jealous formatted prohibitions of all kinds. This is a bad memory. Jeremy insists it back to us with but we must also proposes new girls to our viewers!
Video n°316095 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 3 Mo - File type: mp4

Mary shows us the fleshy pussy of Cindy taken by 2 guys!

Cindy, a pretty 25-year Picardy is interviewed by Mary. His fantasy is to have sex with two men, one black. Mary introduced him our two Papuan men and Madgic undertaking to undress then when one takes care of him sucking the breasts, the other licks her pussy lips beautiful.

After fingering in good standing who cries tears of joy at the beautiful Cindy Madgic him his tail for a small blowjob before taking a missionary.

Then it was the turn of the Papuan fucked in the exhortations of Mary who asks questions at the same time. The young Picardy gets on all fours to suffer the assaults of two boys before getting unload their cum on tits.
Video n°1177625 - Length: 34 min. - Size: 376 Mo - File type: mp4

Naughty mature couple that loves foreplay.

Share pleasant moments, which is why this very nice mature couple in the Paris region just make a porn video with us. They begin long preliminaries for heating: cunnilingus, blowjobs and handjobs are on the menu of the festival. Madame is stretched on her back and arms spread radiant face when Mr. inserted his penis into the slot wide open for his girlfriend who goes screaming with pleasure! See the greedy face of pretty lady who is sitting on her good stuff man. She is enjoying while masturbating to ejaculate. As he miss, he plants his cock mouth to fill his wife she swallows sperm with relish.
Video n°1176217 - Length: 44 min. - Size: 494 Mo - File type: mp4

Violent anal pounding!

The fantasy of Sverine, a beautiful brunette 35 years single is getting fucked blindfolded. Ass is paramount in my life, she said. When I meet a guy, I could fuck him in ten minutes. I started to kiss 13 years with a man much older than me. I had to make more than 300 guys. I want guys to come and take me without touching me or caress me. Lying on the bed, blindfolded, she begins to masturbate to excite the two boys enter the room. She sucks everything that happens within his mouth and suddenly a big dick penetrates directly through the ass. The anal is my thing she had warned me!

Her screams of pleasure that raged boys fuck violently and mercilessly. She fingers her ass penetrations between two decidedly Severine is a phenomenon! You will see scenes of anal anthology! They unload their cum him directly in the mouth. Everyone ends up in the shower, I am with my camera.
Video n°1174553 - Length: 48 min. - Size: 532 Mo - File type: mp4

"Oh you turn me guys! I want to get screwed," says Loriane.

Loriane is a gorgeous blonde 28 year old who comes from Switzerland. She has a fantasy of having sex with two men. This is a situation that excites much as it is an exhibitionist who loves to excite guys. While she answers my questions, she lets herself be caressed by the two men, this blonde is hot hot: "Oh, you turn me on my bastards, I love when people say junk, I feel like to spit ... "she said.

We also have a couple came to attend the filming of this porn video, we are always delighted to invite our couples shoots. The two boys are unleashed on the small blonde bitch. Position 69 of Boris she sucks and gets licked her pussy wide open and dripping already. Insults burst forth: "Big dog, little bitch, you wanna make a fun ass etc ..."

You feel good my dick?
She stands up to undress. Once naked, she hangs up before the two men as a wanton slut masturbates and swaying in a pest. "I'm a slut, a slut" she told them to provoke them. Guys give orders "Branle you pussy, pulling on the end of your breasts, enters your fingers in your cunt!" It runs without complaining. Boris shows us around his big mold away well you see the lips to the bottom of her vagina before stuffing four fingers. Great slap sound fall on his buttocks that blush under the blows. The little blonde bitch gets on all fours, kidneys and well arched Papuan skewer comes to cock strokes devastating. He said: "Because it is good her pussy, tight as I like! Well You feel my dick slut?" She replied: "Oh, yes it is at the bottom!" This is a rag doll in the hands of these two horny men. Then she lies on her back facing Papuan and starts a frenetic masturbation movements basin pace. "I love exciting guys, I love cock!" she said. Papou's penis then sinks into the big pussy of the young blonde moans like a sow during penetration. Meanwhile, the young couple is invited party in the next room to fuck!

Fuck ends in the shower
The trio decides to go in the shower to continue their antics with this beautiful blonde. The water flowing over the body unleashes our two boys who make him suffer all the indignities bluntly. Gentoo back in the room for him ejaculate in the mouth.
Video n°1177243 - Length: 63 min. - Size: 703 Mo - File type: mp4

I'm the one who hits on guys when I want to get fucked!

Marje is in metal music, this is a singer who comes from the North. She is excited by the camera and know a couple going to get excited watching her kiss on a porn video. Big blue eyes piercing adds to her innocence when she tells me that she is flirting with the guys when a direct proposal needs urgent itches.

Small, thin and tiny, she drops his pants and string allows us to discover a smooth and fleshy pussy beautiful. This girl is full of contrasts as in the guise of dominating, it is defined as a "Mom calinou." Kneel before Stphane, she sucks dick gently but quickly admits: "I'd love to move on!"

She lies on her back to spread her thighs wide and let the caliber stuff her pussy. A few positions later, she looks Stphane straight in the eye while she masturbates her pussy to excite our smooth boy that sends a good spurt on her breasts.
Video n°1175941 - Length: 44 min. - Size: 486 Mo - File type: mp4

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