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Airport exhibition: girl-on-girl action in the middle of the crowd in a tourist airport!

A rare video because it must thwart the cameras! I take two very pretty girls in a busy airport for an exhibition game. They meet for the first time the day of the shoot and bang! Ines Gaena falls in love during filming. The final sequence lesbos in the car is totally improvised. Filming at the airport is very risky because of the surveillance video. Although my camera is hidden in a bag, we find ourselves at the police station in less than an hour. A session of striptease arranged everything (true)!

Everything begins in a cafe. Ines takes Gaena hand and puts it between her thighs and kisses him on the mouth. In the middle of the departure hall, two young girls pull their panties and masturbate without complex. At sentencing hidden, to undress completely stripped naked under their coats. On many occasions, they expose themselves in the middle of the crowd and they are caught several times by passers dumbfounded! Sitting on a bench at the end of the main hall, they masturbate quietly behind people. When back in the car parked on the airport parking lot, Ines takes Gaena and rubs against it. Very excited both fondle, lick and masturbate to enjoying together. The kitty Ines blushed with pleasure, that of Gaena is inflated. For all lovers of exhib, it is hard to beat.
Video n°329541 - Length: 27 min. - Size: 304 Mo - File type: mp4

Blonde gets fucked in the ass by the butcher in front of his wife!

VINTAGE: video 80s.
A young blonde has a compelling need to satisfy sexual and asked a taxi to take her to a beautiful male. She arrived in the back kitchen of a butcher who greets him with his wife and committed. The Butcher is a big vicious and without wasting time he undertake to raise her dress to make us admire every angle its beautiful hairy pussy.

The butcher's wife committed and join the party. Without even undressing, beautiful, suffers from the fiery two huge sausages good hard look excited as his wife quietly masturbates while watching the scene.

Beautiful images of a good screwing with a lovely girl who has her pussy and little asshole to get well fucked and ended up receiving the cum in her mouth.
Video n°2684 - Length: 29 min. - Size: 329 Mo - File type: mp4

BDSM session with Kalista Carra.

We are in our dungeon with Kalista Karra, a beautiful brunette plump, with her friend for a domination session. She is blindfolded to not knowing what to expect, well, it's his choice to increase her excitement! At first, his friend tie his hands behind his back with a pair of handcuffs that connects to a chain attached to the ceiling. It proposes to offer to the desires of many men without being able to defend themselves. The first young man arrives and starts to undress caress his chest. Quickly, he lowers his black tights to make it comfortable.

Lorna arrived with a whisk.
Occurs Lorna, a young and pretty brunette who began to undress completely. Kalista is overwhelmed with emotion, her sighs of satisfaction reflected. Lorna grabbed a whip and hits buttocks Kalista with increasing vigor to cause red marks on her beautiful buttocks bounced. The friend takes over and hits his girlfriend shyly while other men mingle with the group. They urge to hit louder cries of "Bitch, slave, bitch!" A nice cock comes before the mouth of the tortured who greedily seized on to carve a beautiful pipe. It gives ideas to Lorna who fattening few tails scope.
Kalista is pussy.
Breeches Kalista is torn, it is leaning forward on a table, a big dick is anonymous puncture his tuft, she moans with pleasure. Slapping, insults and rain while the cocks in her pussy exploded succeed. Lorna then unleashed the dormant in gross she wakes up and blows rained more violent on our ass brunette. In turn, they are beaten with the whip, she can not scream for a nice cock fills her mouth. Kalista beautiful, sitting on a chair of torture, undergoes a vigorous fingering by her boyfriend. Suddenly, gaping pussy coward powerful jets! After extensive flooding, it is placed on the ground on all fours to suffer the onslaught of participants. She has a right to a double penetration! His desires sated with this porn video, Kalista sticks against the body of Lorna to kiss greedily by fingering her nipples. Finally, participants ejaculate into her mouth.
Video n°1186686 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 0 Mo - File type: mp4

A whole hand in the vagina!

Sabrina lives in Lyon. She admits to having fucked over 200 guys and love sodomy. When a guy she likes, she does not hesitate to approach and ask him to fuck her. I asked him to drop his pants and masturbate in the street. It does this without complaining. I took him to an apartment or wait three lads with big cocks. Little surprise: another girl joins our little party.

The two girls start by jerking to excite the lads. The result was immediate and they pounce on the two girls to get suck. They will kiss alongside their ass offered the onslaught of boys.

Sabrina calls for a fist-fucking: it takes a whole hand in the vagina!
Video n°1304973 - Length: 36 min. - Size: 400 Mo - File type: mp4

Two lesbians make some surprising discoveries!

While going up the stairs Lea and Coraline show their naked muffs and then exhibit themselves in a public park. Theyre almost completely naked, although they can be surprised at any moment. They fondle each other, lick each other and keep their exhibition up even in the pouring rain! When they come back to my studio, they describe what they like. Coraline shows Lea her ice-dildo, a frozen water-filled condom. Her body literally spasms when Coraline tries to insert the ice-dildo in her pussy. When its Leas turn, she shows Coraline the effects of an effervescent aspirin on the clitoris. Coraline twists in every direction while the aspirin sizzles on her pussy! Then she stuffs the pill inside her vagina, but cant get it out! Lea goes fishing for it. Then to finish off, they masturbate each other and orgasm at the same time.
Video n°231 - Length: 23 min. - Size: 263 Mo - File type: mp4

Two girls make love under a porch in the city center.

Its more exciting to be naked in front of strangers, this cute brunette swinger tells me. She a good little bourgeois, just like we like them. I often walk around without any panties: at work, in the stores, and even at work meetings. Ive been masturbating since I was very young. I like having sex in public places. My wildest dream is to be fucked by several men and one woman. I like being treated like a dirty little bitch. I have never met a girl so frank and quick! When I ask her to get undressed, she takes off only her panties, opens her legs, and slides apart her pussy lips while staring me in the eyes. She tells me that shes really excited to masturbate in front of me, and that she wants to cum already! You can see her dripping pussy! In the second part of the film, I introduce Vero to her, so that they can have a lesbian adventure. To make it more exciting, we go to the entry of a garage. They fuck like madwomen, jerk each other off, lick each other, and get naked and can be surprised at any moment! Their excitement is all too real: A genuine amateur treat.
Video n°229 - Length: 24 min. - Size: 264 Mo - File type: mp4

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